2011 NFB Youth Slam and National Convention Ideas

[From Mary Jo Thorpe-Hartle on December 2, 2010]

Hi all,

I know that right now most of you are in the midst of convincing your parents to get you that “perfect” present, or counting down the days till Winter break at school, so the thought of summer is far from your minds, but bear with me for a moment and fast forward your thoughts about six or seven months for me if you will.

As most of you may know, the third NFB Youth slam will be taking place this next summer (learn more and apply online at www.blindscience.org). We are in the early days of planning for it, and would really like your ideas. WE want to know what you, the youth want to do at our next program. So, please take a moment to jot down a few suggestions and send them back to me. We are looking for ideas in the following areas:

1. What kind of Science, technology, engineering, or math related things would be of interest to you to learn about?

2. What kinds of evening social activities would you enjoy best? (I.e., dances, karaoke, recreation activities, etc.)

Also, the annual NFB National Convention will take place this summer in Orlando, Fl (learn more at www.nfb.org). We again will be facilitating a Youth Track for all youth at convention ages 11-18. Besides a visit to see the Mouse, or a ride on Splash Mountain, what other things would be of interest to you as youth during the convention? what kinds of seminars or workshops would you like to attend? What social activities would interest you most? Please let me know your thoughts. You can e-mail me at mhartle@nfb.org or call me at (410) 659-9314 ext. 2407.

Our team here at the NFB Jernigan Institute really wants to make sure our programs reflect what you, our blind youth want while still maintaining the philosophy and standards of the NFB. So, we welcome any feedback for these upcoming events you can give us.

Thanks so much and happy holidays!

Mary Jo T. Hartle

Mary Jo Thorpe-Hartle, MEd, NOMC
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