Upcoming PABS Student Conference Call

[From Helen Stevens on October 4, 2010]
Hi All,

I hope your semester is going well.

This Sunday we will be holding the first of what we hope become regular APBS student conference

The purpose of these calls is to give students the chance to get to know one another better, ask
questions, discuss challenges they are having, share experiences and discuss ways in which PABS can
more effectively serve students.

On Sunday we will discuss the upcoming state convention and ideas for future conference call
discussion topics. We will also take time to allow participants to share information about themselves so
that we can get to know one another better. Please bring any questions or challenges you are dealing
with now, concerns about how you might do something in the future, or something exciting you’ve done
lately that you think other might like to here about.

The call will be held Sunday Oct 10 at 7PM, at a phone number to be distributed later in the week.

I look forward to talking to you then.
Helen Stevens