2020 Election Materials NOW AVAILABLE on NFB-NEWSLINE

We are pleased to offer 2020 Election materials, available to all subscribers, including subscribers who reside in non-sponsored states. The section includes “Candidate 2020 Searches,” a collection of several searches for “Biden” and “Trump” which scan the top hundred newspapers, breaking news, international newspapers, and magazines, in addition to information collected from the websites of each candidate. It also includes the “States Voting Guide 2020” which lists voting procedures and deadlines by state. To access this information on a telephone, select option 1 off the main menu, followed by option 2 for the election 2020 materials. If you are using the NFB-NEWSLINE mobile app, first select “All Publications” followed by either “Candidate 2020 Searches”, “States Voting Guide 2020”, “Joe Biden Campaign” or “Donald Trump Campaign”.

For each candidate, there is a bio section, as well as sections relating to their platforms and issues, coalitions, and recent news. Also available are the NFB’s own Guide for Blind and Low Vision Voters and Voting Guide for Young People who are Blind or Visually Impaired. For subscribers using Web News on Demand, select “Publications Organized Alphabetically” and locate the one you are interested in.

We hope that you enjoy this new offering and it provides valuable information to you.

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