Possibilities Fair – July 2014

On a sunny, bright Friday in July the National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania and Surrey Services for Seniors hosted a Possibilities Fair for older adults dealing with vision loss. The fair, held at Surrey Senior Services in Berwyn, P.A, boasted a wealth of knowledge, demonstrations and resources for older adults in this community.

The fair provided a hands-on opportunity for those 55 and older, losing vision, to learn how to improve their lives. The event highlighted demonstration areas featuring alternative accessible techniques and equipment as well as, state services for older adults losing vision. This was a meaningful opportunity for older adults dealing with vision loss to gain and maintain independence. Information for spouses and families to gain understanding and to become supportive of their loved ones struggling with vision loss was also shown at the event.

The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, the PA Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services, CARIE- Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly, the William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center and PA NewsLine (Free Telephone Newspaper Service) were all in attendance at the fair, providing direct support and hands-on demonstrations as well as quality of life tools and tips. Demonstration stations included speech output devices, mobility practice sessions, and techniques for the kitchen as well as a display of helpful aids and appliances available to make everyday tasks more accessible.

Breakfast refreshments and goody bags were provided as the day began. Attendees and family members were escorted to the various sessions and demonstration booths to explore their own possibilities. At the end of the remarkable event, a lunch wrap-up session with state president, Jim Antonacci and notable NFBP members gave attendees another insightful glimpse into the lives of older blind adults.

To learn more about vision loss and your own possibilities, contact the National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania at 215-988-0888